The Great Hose Auction

The 17th Annual CHEO BBQ Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee Tournament is hosting the “Great Boys of Fire”. On Saturday, June 13th at Shefford Park in Gloucester, we will be joined by six (6) of the Ottawa Firefighters finest men. The firefighters have pulled together a volleyball team to help raise funds for CHEO. Unfortunately there’s still a missing link…and that’s you. According to tournament rules and regulations they still require two (2) fun ladies to play on their team. Know anyone who might be interested?

Here’s how it all goes down… We want you to bid as high as you can to win the opportunity to play on the volleyball team with the “Great Boys of Fire.” Keep in mind that this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. I will help you… Take a look at the 2009 Ottawa Firefighters calendar,, but first, make sure you have a towel nearby. How many men do you know with that kind of power? It just seems crazy that any ladies in their right mind would pass up this deal.

OK back on track… so now that you’ve seen who you’re dealing with, get your bids in. At this auction, we don’t really like rules, just a few minor details.

  • The auction opens NOW and closes on Wednesday, June 10 @ 4:00pm.
  • The auction is available to ladies only (sorry guys, I know you’re interested) from anywhere in Ontario.
  • To be eligible to win and play, you must be over the age of 18.
  • If you win, you must be able to find your own way here.
  • All proceeds from this auction go to the CHEO Foundation.
  • We will select the top two (2) bids; there are three (3) 45 minute games scheduled for the entire day, game times are TBD.
  • The two (2) ladies selected will be given free all-day access to our VIP section and a free meal ticket.
  • Winners will be contacted by Leisha MacDonald on Wednesday, June 10 around 5:00pm.
  • For the winners, bid amounts are to be paid on-site, please do not pay via PayPal. See Leisha MacDonald.

For more information, please visit

Let the bidding start!


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