Volleyball Rules

Skill Levels

  • *NEW* – Here for the Kids (Fun) – No experience necessary! All ‘once-a-year’ players welcome, out to support the kids.
  • Backyard Fun (Recreational) – Recreational league players.
  • Looking to Sweat (Competitive) – For more serious players. As a rough guide, this is about Tier “A” calibre.
    • Recreational schedule (available Thursday prior to event)
    • Competitive schedule (available Thursday prior to event)
  • Volleyball Schedules (pdf) (available Thursday prior to event)

General Tournament Rules

  • Teams must play with a minimum of two (2) women on the court. A team can play a minimum 5 people, providing the gender requirement is met.
  • All games are Rally Point.
  • Teams are responsible for self-officiating and scoring. No officials or scorekeepers will be provided. In case of disagreement during play, a reserve should be considered. In case of a dispute over scoring, Team Captains should present themselves to the scorers’ tent immediately. Please remember, this is a charity event and games are meant to be played for fun.
  • Team Captains are responsible for keeping track of scores and record final scores on score sheet located at court-side. Both Team Captains will also sign score sheet at end of play.
  • “Home Team” Team Captain must present himself at the scorers’ tent to retrieve game ball prior to beginning of match.
  • “Home Team” Team Captain must return score sheet and volleyball to scorers tent immediately after completing third game.
  • “Home Team” will begin match with first serve.
  • Horn Blow indicates end of one match and start of another. Games must start/end on time when the horn blows. When horn blows, you must leave the court immediately to let the new team on to play. Teams may opt to warm-up for 5 minutes, or start their games immediately.
  • Switch sides after each game – quickly, so that all games can be played.
  • “Fun” division teams must rotate their server after 5 serves. No overhead serves permitted.
  • “Recreational” division teams must rotate their server after 5 serves.
  • “Competitive” division teams do not have to rotate their server.
  • Players must rotate positions (from back right, to middle back, to back left, to front left, to front middle, to front right).
  • Players may not touch the net at any time during play. A player may cross under the net without violation, as long as they do not touch anyone on the other team or interfere with them playing the ball or make contact with the net. A player is then allowed to return to their own side and play continues.

Round-Robin Play

  • 3 games are played in total for each match. “Fun” division teams are guaranteed 3 x 35 minute matches. “Recreational” and “Competitive” division teams are guaranteed 4 x 35 minute matches.
  • Round Robin games are to 21 (win by 2) with a cap at 23. All games will count … so play your best until the very end.
  • If a game is not complete when time runs out, then the team in the lead is considered to have won that game, if they have at least 5 points scored, otherwise the game is deemed to be a tie.
  • Similarly, if the third game is not played due to time constraint, then it is considered a tie.
  • 1st game has 5-minute window from the horn blow, otherwise game will be considered a loss for the “missing in action” (MIA) team. 2nd game has 15-minute window from the horn blow, and 3rd game has 25-minute window from the horn blow.
  • Round Robin scoring is based on the total number of games you win. This means even if you lose the first 2 games you should try to win the last game!
  • Win = 2pts, Tie = 1pts, Loss = 0pts.
  • Round Robin will be based on pooling of teams. Each pool will be ranked from 1st to 6th, Playoff Qualifying Recreational Divisions – 1st in pool advances to playoffs.
  • Playoff Qualifying Recreational Divisions – 1st in pool advances to “A” side, 2nd in pool advances to “B” side. Playoff Qualifying Competitive Division – 1st and 2nd in pool advance to “A” side, 3rd and 4th in pool advance to “B” side.
  • In case of a tie for ranking position, tiebreaker system is as follows: (1) head-to-head result (2) “+/-“ (3) points “for”.


  • Playoffs – All matches are 1 game, winner moves on.
  • Game is to 21 (win by 2) with a cap at 23.
  • Although time constraints have been set for play-off rounds, every attempt possible will be made by organizers to let teams finish their match.
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