Pledging Hints and Tips

Ever wonder how some people seem to be good at raising pledges and donations? It’s Easy, Just ask!

Here are some sure fire ways to get the ball rolling or the disk flying

  • Be realistic; know that every little donation helps
  • Set a goal for yourself
  • Pledge yourself to start your effort
  • Target friends, family, co-workers and neighbours as key sources of pledges
  • Set a challenge to family members, co-workers, or your company to match your efforts to double your pledge
  • Try a mini fundraiser in your school or place of work. Eg. Pizza party, bottle drive, bake sale.

Remember to have fun and show your gratitude for every pledge received.


If you break down your goal into smaller pieces, it becomes much easier to see that collecting $100 can be easy, by just asking:

  • 10$ pledge to yourself
  • 10$ pledge from Mom
  • 10$ pledge from Dad
  • 5$ pledge from brother and/or sister
  • 5$ pledge from 5 friends
  • 5$ pledge from 5 co-workers
  • 5$ pledge from 3 neighbours

Equals a 100$ donation to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.


We have also broken down our pledging and donation goal in this manner.
Our goal is to raise $20,000 in pledges and donations

  • $100 raised by 200 participants = $20,000

So if every participant collects $100 we will reach our goal, imagine if each of you were to apply the formula above and collect more than $100? The sky is the limit


Remember…It’s Easy, Just Ask!

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