General Information

For answers to general questions, please contact us at:

CHEO BBQ Fundraiser Inc.
771 de Salaberry Street
Gloucester, ON K1J 6Y5
Telephone : 613.261.4935
Facsimile : 613.248.5082

Board of Directors

Mark Hatfield

Honorary Chairperson, 2019

Honorary Chair - Mark Hatfield

Mark played in the NFL and CFL…he was hilarious. After retiring from football Mark became a stand up comedian. He has his own weekly comedy show at Yuk Yuks and a podcast called ‘The Hatfield Trip’ on iTunes. He also starred on the Comedy Network for two seasons as ‘The Retired CFL Guy’. Mark is a firefighter and award winning youth speaker. In his spare time Mark sleeps.

Kimberly Sainthill

Chairperson, Director of Risk Management / @krsainthill

Michael Machargo

Co-Founder & Director of Partnership Development / @mikemachargo

Eric Constantineau

Director of Pledging & Donations

Jean-Marc Melancon

Director of Finance & Sports

Planning Committee

Kassandra Kaszas

Executive Assistant

Averyl Trubiano

Website Management

Isabelle Dube

Director of Logistics & Operations

Lisa Rockliffe

Director of Marketing

Katie Dolan

Social Media

Alycia Middleton

Co-director of Volunteers

Glenn Hall

Co-Director of Volunteers

Dan Burnside

Director of Silent auction

Jessica Armstrong

Director of Family Zone

Jane Foster, Garnett Last

5k Run/ Family Walk

Pat Corriveau

Volley Ball

Karlis Bouse

Ultimate Frisbee (Adult, Youth) 

Jason Roberts


Please email Kimberly ( for interest in vacant positions

  • Mike Machargo

  • Eric Constantineau

  • Kimberly Sainthill

  • Jean-Marc Melancon

  • Jessica Armstrong (Jess)

  • Jane Foster

  • Glenn Hall

  • Alycia Niles

  • Isabelle MacAusland

  • Chad Petepiece

  • Mike Machargo

    Co-Founder and Director of Partnership Development / @mikemachargo

    Mike wants to live in a world where everyone takes the time to extend kindness to others, with the hope that the kindness may be paid forward.

    For his entire adult life, Mike has been running the CHEO BBQ. It started from the humble roots in his Grandma’s back yard to the premier event that it has evolved to today. It is difficult to think of Mike without thinking about the CHEO BBQ, for the most part they are one and the same.

    Mike is proud of what the CHEO BBQ has become and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has earned him some impressive recognition along the way.

    • Distinguished Volunteer of the Year Award 2008, City of Ottawa
    • Community Builder Award 2011, United Way Ottawa
    • State Farm Good Neighbour Award 2011, State Farm Ottawa

    When Mike is not working as a Inside Sales Representative for Paul Rushforth Real Estate, you can find him training for various 10K running events in the city or enjoying some down time with his family.

    Mike’s Motto is famous

    “Come and have some fun in the sun, because, Hey! It’s for the kids”

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    • Eric Constantineau

      Director of Pledging and Donations

      Eric wants to live in a world where every adult has the opportunity to look back at their childhood and think “that was the best time of my life”.

      As the Pledging Director he’s been honored and humbled by the generosity of the people of Ottawa. He has witnessed this first hand as the CHEO BBQ participants and volunteers contribute 1000’s of dollars to our pledging effort year over year.

      When he’s not working as a Manager for Bell Canada, you can find him at various hockey arenas or baseball diamonds with his wife Jennifer and his children Dylan and Owen.

      Eric has been involved with the CHEO BBQ since its inception in 1992. He is incredibly proud to be able to say that he is a founding member of this amazing event.  He has been quoted as saying

      “Whether you are into sports, volunteering, or just like to have some fun in the sun, the CHEO BBQ has something for you.”

      His Motto for raising money for the CHEO BBQ is

      “It’s easy, Just Ask”

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      • Kimberly Sainthill

        Chairperson, Director of Risk Management / @krsainthill

        Kimberly wants to live in a world where every person can look back and say “well, that was worth it!”

        As Chair of the Board, she’s been applauded on Twitter and Facebook for her dedication and going the extra mile for the CHEO BBQ.

        When she’s not working at Giant Tiger Head Office as a Store Merchandising Project Specialist, you can find her enjoying live music, trying out a new restaurant, up at her family cottage, or scuba diving in a new country.

        Her next series of Photo-a-Day Challenges — released every few months– hits social media starting Feb 1st. It’s rumoured to be the most comprehensive and complete to date.

        Discover how to make a difference in your community with the CHEO BBQ today.

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        • Jean-Marc Melancon

          Director of Finance & Sports

          Jean Marc wants to live in a world where every child has the opportunity to truly laugh and be happy.

          As the director of sports & registration he has been excited about the growth of the event year after year. He is deeply moved by the number of participants who return every year and he now recognizes and knows on a first name basis.

          When he is not at work, you can find Jean Marc volunteering with the Scouts et Guides d’Orleans or on his favorite local golf course or driving range with his son Alexandre.

          Jean Marc has been involved with the CHEO BBQ since 2004. It was the year before his first son was born, and he truly learned the value of the CHEO when his son required open heart surgery before he was two months old.

          His motto for growing the CHEO BBQ is

          “If it is hard, it’s because what you are doing is important”.

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          • Jessica Armstrong (Jess)

            Family Zone Director

            Jess wants to live in a world where kids can focus on being kids, and not have to worry about being sick. 

            As the Family Zone Director, I am so excited to connect with the families who make the BBQ such an impactful event. I’m so honoured to be part of such a dedicated team, and I’m looking forward to many years of CHEO BBQ.

            When he’s/she’s not working as a Manager for The Body Shop, you can find her outside with her dog Luna and partner Matt. They love to cook, go for hikes and spend time at the beach. Jess is a lover of tea and a good book, and she is always looking for interesting plants to fill the house.

            This is Jess’ first year working with the CHEO BBQ, but in previous years Jess has worked with Ontario Parks. Her role as Natural Heritage Educator and Park Ranger has definitely prepared her for her role in the Family Zone.

            Jess always says to live your best life, strive for what’s important to you and always be ready for adventure.

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            • Jane Foster

              5K Race Coordinator

              Jane wants to live in a world where simplicity is the norm and our better nature is encouraged. Often, the best memories people have include doing things we don’t have to work at to make happen: spending time with family and friends, being outside and/or enjoying good food. That’s why a day at the CHEO BBQ is remembered so fondly: it includes all the ingredients for the greatest memories!

              As the Race Coordinator, I am most impressed with the dedication of the team that brings the CHEO BBQ to life, and the effort they bring to supporting the children and families of CHEO. They never lose sight of the goal and they always come through. I am most looking forward to seeing this year’s lead runner coming towards the finish line – always dramatic, always exciting!

              When she’s not working as an Accountant, you can find her playing hockey, in the garden, or reading a great book. She gets out for the occasional fun run, too!!

              Jane has been involved with the CHEO BBQ since 2016 and each year has been an adventure. 2016 had driving rain for the whole race, but by stark contrast, 2017 was beautiful sunshine all day and included deer sightings on the run course!!

              Jane’s motto comes from golf: As long as the ball lands in front of me, it’s all good!

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              • Glenn Hall

                Volunteer Coordinator

                Glenn wants to live in a world where we all genuinely cares about each other and our environment.

                As the Volunteer Coordinator, Glenn is looking forward to another fun and successful event.

                When he’s not working as an HR Professional, you can find him out for a run, lately “Plogging”, which is collecting trash and recyclables along the way.

                Glenn has been involved with the CHEO BBQ for only 2 years, initially helping out with the 5K run.

                His Motto : No excuses. No regrets. No limits. Only gratitude.

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                • Alycia Niles

                  Director of Volunteers

                  Alycia wants to live in a world where children can run free, play without fear and live without pain.

                  As the Director of Volunteers she is always impressed by how many people are willing to dedicate their time to making the CHEO BBQ such a success, year after year, rain or shine (though shine is always preferred).

                  When he’s/she’s not working as a Legal Coordinator of a water slide building company, you can find her playing ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball or baseball, or enjoying the pool at her new home in Stittsville with her husband and 6 month old son.

                  Alycia has been involved with the CHEO BBQ for 5 years, each year being outbid on the Blue Jays prize at the Silent Auction (but not this year!!)

                  Her Motto is: Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change – Jim Rohn

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                  • Isabelle MacAusland

                    Logistics Director

                    I want to live in a world where people try a little harder to fix things, instead of just throwing it away. Don’t take those around you for granted, cherish every moment.

                    As the Logistics director I am most impressed with the impact of what we do. We may not raise the most money each year, but we keep coming back and every little bit counts help the kids. I look forward to another successful year, thinking the money we raise, might buy that piece of equipment that will save a child’s life. I started with CHEO BBQ years ago, first as First Aid, then Bar Manager, I took care of volunteers for a few years and eventually took over logistics. I was away for a few years in the Maritimes, but I am back home and glad to be back on the team. In the big world I am a retail manager and a single mom doing the best I can, to give my most amazing son the best that I can. His smile makes every bit of hard work count. Confusion is the way of life, so just make lemonade!

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                    • Chad Petepiece

                      Ticket Sales Team lead

                      Chad wants to live in a world where everyone gets an opportunity to take part in the experiences that make them happy.

                      As the Ticket Sales team lead he’s been amazed at the stories that come from the clients and families that use CHEO. Everyone has had positive stories in the most worrisome of times for parents which lets him know how important this fundraising is.

                      When he’s not working for the City of Ottawa, you can find him at the Redblack’s games, spending time on the mats, or just off somewhere reading in the sun.

                      Chad has been involved with the CHEO BBQ since April 2013. He has gradually taken on more of a role each year and is proud to be a member of such a great team. The BBQ is a fantastic event that attracts many people and he is amazed at the generosity displayed by everyone who takes part. He is looking forward to another successful BBQ and is glad to know it’s helping a great cause.

                      His Motto: work hard, play hard and enjoy the success that comes your way.

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