Jane Foster

Jane wants to live in a world where simplicity is the norm and our better nature is encouraged. Often, the best memories people have include doing things we don’t have to work at to make happen: spending time with family and friends, being outside and/or enjoying good food. That’s why a day at the CHEO BBQ is remembered so fondly: it includes all the ingredients for the greatest memories!

As the Race Coordinator, I am most impressed with the dedication of the team that brings the CHEO BBQ to life, and the effort they bring to supporting the children and families of CHEO. They never lose sight of the goal and they always come through. I am most looking forward to seeing this year’s lead runner coming towards the finish line – always dramatic, always exciting!

When she’s not working as an Accountant, you can find her playing hockey, in the garden, or reading a great book. She gets out for the occasional fun run, too!!

Jane has been involved with the CHEO BBQ since 2016 and each year has been an adventure. 2016 had driving rain for the whole race, but by stark contrast, 2017 was beautiful sunshine all day and included deer sightings on the run course!!

Jane’s motto comes from golf: As long as the ball lands in front of me, it’s all good!