Isabelle MacAusland

I want to live in a world where people try a little harder to fix things, instead of just throwing it away. Don’t take those around you for granted, cherish every moment.

As the Logistics director I am most impressed with the impact of what we do. We may not raise the most money each year, but we keep coming back and every little bit counts help the kids. I look forward to another successful year, thinking the money we raise, might buy that piece of equipment that will save a child’s life. I started with CHEO BBQ years ago, first as First Aid, then Bar Manager, I took care of volunteers for a few years and eventually took over logistics. I was away for a few years in the Maritimes, but I am back home and glad to be back on the team. In the big world I am a retail manager and a single mom doing the best I can, to give my most amazing son the best that I can. His smile makes every bit of hard work count. Confusion is the way of life, so just make lemonade!