Chad Petepiece

Chad wants to live in a world where everyone gets an opportunity to take part in the experiences that make them happy.

As the Ticket Sales team lead he’s been amazed at the stories that come from the clients and families that use CHEO. Everyone has had positive stories in the most worrisome of times for parents which lets him know how important this fundraising is.

When he’s not working for the City of Ottawa, you can find him at the Redblack’s games, spending time on the mats, or just off somewhere reading in the sun.

Chad has been involved with the CHEO BBQ since April 2013. He has gradually taken on more of a role each year and is proud to be a member of such a great team. The BBQ is a fantastic event that attracts many people and he is amazed at the generosity displayed by everyone who takes part. He is looking forward to another successful BBQ and is glad to know it’s helping a great cause.

His Motto: work hard, play hard and enjoy the success that comes your way.